Bushfires by their very nature are unpredictable.

The best option for your personal safety is always to evacuate well before the fire front reaches your property. Every situation is different and as a result the time between a safe evacuation and the fire front arriving can vary greatly.

Knowing your safe routes of departure and when to leave are critical elements in your bushfire safety plan.

Leave early,

...and let the

fight the fire for you!
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If you already have an older sprinkler system installed, it is likely that you will need to be on site to activate it when the fire is approaching. If you're reliant on electric pumps to operate it there is also a very high chance that the power will be cut off either by the fire damaging infrastructure or by emergency services whilst fighting the fire.


If you aren't there to operate it at just the right time and you have to start your system as you leave, it is likely that you will have exhausted your available water supply before the fire arrives. If the power goes out for any reason your system will be rendered useless if reliant on electric pumps.


If you need to be there to activate your system, you may be putting yourself at a higher level of risk than is necessary.

If you are forced to stay and shelter in place, you need to know that your bushfire protection system will operate at the most critical time.

Our RAIN SHIELD SYSTEM has been developed in collaboration with Fire Agencies and the CSIRO. Our fire protection system is designed specifically for Australian conditions and offers the most reliable Bushfire Property Protection Solution to our customers. 

Our aim is to firstly give your property the best chance of surviving a bushfire, as well as giving you the confidence to leave and move to safety.


Things to consider in preparation ahead of a bushfire threat to your property:

  • Have you prepared a bushfire safety plan and rehearsed it with your family?

  • Is my fire protection plan and preparation adequate to perform in a catastrophic fire situation?

  • Do I have a safe path to escape if the situation becomes too unsafe to remain?

  • If I remain, do I have a safe refuge, suitable PPE and equipment if the worst-case scenario occurs?

  • Will I be able to stay calm and focused if the full force of a severe bushfire overruns my property were I to choose to stay?

  • If I was confident that my property would be protected in my absence, would I still stay or would I evacuate to a safe location early?

Bushfire Pro Rain Shield System

At the heart of our system is the Bushfire Pro Rain Shield System.

  • A complete, fully automated fire protection system which will detect the arrival of ember attack and commence a two-minute wet down cycle every ten minutes whilst the threat persists.

  • When the threat abates the system will shut down to preserve your water supply, if an ember attack is followed by the fire front arriving, the system will detect this and activate a continuous run to protect your property until the fire has passed.

  • This entire system will monitor its surroundings and protect your property automatically, you do not need to be present to activate the system. In fact, if you were away on holiday and a fire threatened your home, the Bushfire Pro System will activate itself and protect your property without you even knowing about the fire threat.

  • Should you find yourself unable to leave your property and need to shelter in your home, our system comes with two remote control activators which will allow you to start your Bushfire Pro fire protection system from anywhere on your property.

  • Our system can be set up to protect additional outbuildings such as sheds and stables, kennels, studios, onsite shipping containers, granny flats as well as your main residence.

Our bushfire protection system can be integrated into new builds or retro fitted into existing homes or outbuildings.