The 2019 bushfire season will be etched in our hearts and minds forever

The stress and brutality of the unprecedented fire front that swept through our community, the destruction and loss of property (of which we experienced first-hand with elderly members of our own family) and the sheer panic and devastation that was caused, has sat heavily with us since.

We will never forget rushing to evacuate an elderly family member as we watched a massive fire front suddenly change direction and roar towards Bargo with little warning. We reached her with only ten minutes to spare before the fire overrun her entire property leaving only the four walls of her home in its wake.

It was at this moment that we resolved to find a solution that would give homes the best chance to survive a fire but most importantly give homeowners the confidence to leave early knowing that their property could take care of itself. And, as in many cases, if people are forced to shelter in place, that they have the most robust fire protection system to maximise their safety.

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At the core of our thinking was the development of a system that was intelligent; a system that was totally off grid and would manage its resources, and operation, without the need for human intervention.


We began to scour the world for elements that would make our ideas a reality. Little did we know that these elements would be right in our own backyard. We met Ray from Bushfire Pro who had been thinking along the same lines, only 15 years earlier. Based in the Blue Mountains, Ray was a welcome partner, having already designed a solution that ticked every box and best of all saved us from entering into years of unavoidable R&D. Because let’s face it, we wanted the “bee's knees” when it came to our solution.


There has never been a time where it has been more critical than now to consider anything we can do to protect our families and our homes from the threat of bushfire.


The foundation of our business has always been to help people to stay safe and to reduce the impact of bushfire devastation by creating the confidence to leave.  We are excited to make a difference.