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Welcome to Bushfire Property
Protection Solutions

We create the confidence to leave by providing automated solutions to protect your property.


The safest option during a bushfire threat to your home is always to evacuate yourself and your family early and in an orderly manner. Our Fully Automated Rain Shield System is designed to take care of your property while you aren’t there.


We offer an assessment of your fire preparedness and can suggest a range of solutions to help minimise the threat of bushfire to your property.


Each property is different and will require a system to be custom designed to meet your property's needs. Let our experts show you how you can protect your property from a bushfire, even when you’re not there.

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The 2019 bushfire season will be etched in our hearts and minds forever...


The stress and brutality of the unprecedented fire front that swept through our community, the destruction and loss of property (of which we experienced first-hand with elderly members of our own family) and the sheer panic and devastation that was caused, has sat heavily with us since.